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BA3 Buffer Amplifier

Designed for transistor amplifiers where some valve “warmth and colour “is required

CD X2 Valve CD Player

A CD Player With That Magical “Vinyl Sound” where warmth and dexterity are required.

MB81 Mono Blocks

The most exciting amplifier we have ever made! The Ultimate Triode Amplifier!


With ample power for most systems, freedom from noise and user-friendly operation, there's also a great sound that justifies Icon's design approach. It's tremendously inviting, smooth as silk without being at all "rounded". Stereo images have convincing depth and a tactile quality, instruments and voices almost tangible within the soundstage. These enjoyable amplifiers are very easy to recommend.By Steve Harris - March 2014Click here to read the full review

Excellent HP8 MKII Review In Inner Fidelity

I find it interesting that I had never heard of Icon Audio before. They had been around for well over a decade and had earned considerable accolades from various British Hi-Fi mags. Yet somehow the brand flew completely under my radar until roughly 6 months ago when I stumbled across their website. I actually had my eye on their Stereo 20 PP which is a small integrated amp with headphone out capability, but then I saw the HP8 MKII and all bets were off.By John Grandberg - Inner Fidelity Click here to read the full review