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Stereo 845 PP

Designed in Leicester by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio. Our Ultimate Integrated Amplifier!

MB 30SE Mono Blocks

The MB30SE is a versatile high quality very simple mono block amplifier for Full Range and medium sensitivity speakers.

MB 845 MK IIm

Designed in Leicester by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio. 845s the ultimate power triode!

LA5 TX Pre Amplifier

The heart of the LA5tx are two very special line level output transformers, developed “in house” over several years to give what we think is the best sound balance.

Stereo 60P MKIIIm

Not everyone needs an integrated amplifier, having their own preference for pre-amplifier, and may not have room for monoblocks. The ST60P is just that.

Stereo 60 MK IIIm

New Upgraded Design for 2012! This is our biggest integrated amplifier. It is ideal for someone wanting a very dynamic fast sound.

Stereo 40 MK IIIm

Our best value mid price amplifier. We believe the ST40IIIm ticks all the boxes that a good amplifier should have.

MB 90 MK IIm

The new Tung Sol KT120 valve seems to have taken the Hi Fi world by storm! Taking the crown as the King of pentodes from GECs 1957 KT88.

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